SS 75: Keeping A Bad Fit Team Member

SS 75 Keeping A Bad Fit Team Member -

What It’s Costing You To Hold On Too Long

It is a very common thing for a business owner to procrastinate firing someone who just doesn’t fit.

I get it…Firing someone is very uncomfortable. 

But it’s especially hard when you actually LIKE the person you need to let go.



Being a bad fit does NOT mean that a team member is a bad person!

It just means they are not aligned with the needs of the role and business.


They can’t shine if they are in the wrong seat.


And the longer you wait, the more pain you’re causing…

For you, the other members of your team, AND for the person who is under-performing.


In this episode, I share why we can freeze up when it comes to firing and how to reframe it. 

Letting someone go should never be fun or easy…but it can still be done with grace and love.


You’ll learn:

  • What can cause a misalignment
  • Why we never want firing to be painless
  • The signs that it’s time to take action
  • How to know you’ve waited too long
  • A complete reframe on what your inaction is saying
  • And SO much more…


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