Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach

It’s time to

streamline & scale your business!

Hi there, I'm Theresa Loe

I’ve worked with top online CEOs, leaders, and brands in the digital marketing space & I can help you to:

  • Strategically find perfectly-aligned team members that’ll carry your business forward
  • Remove you from the day-to-day operations and into the visionary role
  • Structure your company’s back-end operations for scaling with purpose
  • Focus more on your impact and let the team do the rest
  • Take your business to the next level by working less
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Listen... online businesses are NOT like corporate America. In fact, trying to fit your business into a stuffy, corporate structure will stifle you and your team!

Instead, your business needs a special back-end setup that promotes creativity and teamwork, including having the right people,
doing the right things, at the right times.

As the CEO, you must step into your zone of genius and hold the vision for your brand because that’s how you, your team, and your business will gain massive momentum.

Let me help you discover your own unique business synergy based on your mission and values.

We’ll use this to set up your team and operations to be strategic, sustainable and scalable in away that feels aligned and purposeful.

Together, we can put the fun, creativity and inspiration BACK into your business so you can grow and impact the world.

I’ve led exceptional teams from the CEO perspective and from the Second-in-Command perspective.

For 9 years, I was the Co-Executive TV producer of the top organic television series on PBS. A “producer” is very similar to the Chief Operational Officer (COO) or the “Integrator” position in a digital business. I co-produced and "launched" 26 episodes per season and ran the teams that filmed across the country. So, as a top-level Producer, I honed my project management and team leadership skills like a ninja.

Additionally, I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My parents have an extremely successful, multiple-7-figure engineering firm. I grew up working in that family business while wearing "all the hats" and it gave me an incredible foundation of what it takes to run a financially sound business with a small, but mighty team.

When I started my own online business, I had to shift to leading my own self-managed team from the CEO position. This is where my previous years as a team leader were invaluable in running my own team-driven company efficiently.

The bottom line is... I understand the roadblocks that can come up - for the CEO and for the team members. I’ve worked both sides!

And I’ve perfected a framework that can help you and your team be efficient and scalable, too!

Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach

In my programs and courses, I can help you in the areas of:


Team-Building: You need a team that works like a well oiled machine. To do that, you need stellar team members who fit perfectly with your personality and mission! My special hiring method is especially valuable when searching for the unique position of Second-in-Command. You see...the CEO + Second-in-Command relationship is like a marriage in that it needs to be nurtured. You need to be very deliberate in seeking the perfect match in order to have epic success.


Streamlining: It doesn’t matter if you have a team of 2 or 20, without a streamlined backend you will end up running in circles. I help entrepreneurs just like you analyze their current structure so that they can take it to the next level. From communication to processes, we set you up to be more efficient and productive.


Leadership: Once you start building a team, you must learn to LEAD that team. This means shifting your mindset into full visionary mode and letting go of the operations. Yes, it sounds scary. But I can show you how to confidently hand over the day-to-day operations so that your company grows while you work LESS. It’s time for you to just focus on your zone of genius.