SS 32: The REAL Cost of Doing Things Yourself

SS 32 The REAL Cost of Doing It Yourself -

Doing It Yourself Costs More Than You Think

Are you using your time wisely or wasting money?


One of the things that comes up for many of the CEOs I work with is the struggle between doing things themselves vs handing something off.


Honestly…this is a struggle for ALL levels of business owners. And it actually stems from beliefs around the VALUE of time vs the COSTS of time.


The sooner you learn to shift your thinking and recognize the value of your time, the faster you can streamline and grow your business.


To help you wrap your head around this, I walk you through several examples. I also share how simple shifts can keep you in “big picture thinking” (which is critical as a CEO).


You’ll learn:

  • Why doing it yourself isn’t really saving you time or money
  • How to really calculate the value of your time
  • Who you might want to hire first
  • Simple mental shifts toward “big picture thinking”
  • And SO Much More…


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