Is building a team right for your business?

Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach

Streamlined & Scaled Leadership Program:

Build a self-managed team & streamline your biz so you can scale!

Your business is growing fast - but you’re feeling frustration instead of freedom these days. Your team seems inefficient and you’re overwhelmed with all the “to-dos" on your list.


Are you...

  • Stretched too thin and involved in every project
  • Constantly answering team questions instead of working in your zone of genius
  • Frustrated by having to oversee everyone’s work
  • Wondering if you have the best people in the right seats within your company
  • Juggling too much and not getting ahead
  • Unclear on what needs to be fixed or how to fix it

You, my friend, are trying to run your growing business on a soloprenuer framework. 

You started this business with just a laptop and a dream - and you did everything yourself. Then you slowly added a small team and did your best. But things are not running as smoothly as you'd hoped.

This is because you haven't had time to set up & streamline the backend of your company to accommodate your front end growth! And that includes having a stellar team to support you.

Listen...If you don't upgrade the INSIDE of your business, you'll stay stuck or you'll burn out. Neither option is good!

I can help you fix the chaos!


My Streamlined & Scaled Leadership Program transforms you and your executive team into a team-driven powerhouse. 

Inside this group leadership program, I work with you and a handful of other very experienced online business owners over a 6 month period to strategically up-level the backend of your business.

As we get the foundational pieces in place, I then start working directly with your team during the last 3 months to align the execution of your newly streamlined operation.

Together we focus on your leadership and their aligned execution so that so that your team is self-managed and impact-driven.

Your day-to-day operations are not interrupted. In fact, they’re elevated with each step in the process.


Discovery: First, we assess your team and business backend for efficiency. We discover your unique synergy and develop a plan for improvements so that you have the right people in the right seats overseeing the right projects.


Leadership Training: Then, we build up your CEO leadership skills so that you :


  • Are the leader (NOT the manager) of your team
  • Empower The Team for Self-Management
  • Feel Confident That Your Delegated Projects Are Moving Forward
  • Remove Yourself From the Day-To-Day Operations
  • Easily Inspire The Team To Reach Higher Goals
  • Focus on CEO Activities and Let The Team Do The Rest
  • ...and more

Team Training: Then, I work directly with your team to align the execution so that they:


  • Step Into Responsibility For Their Roles
  • Elevate Their Efficiency with Better Systems & Processes
  • Understand The Importance of Safeguarding Your Time
  • Cultivate Stellar Communication & Reporting
  • Use Weekly Metrics for Growth & Team Goal Setting
  • ...and so much more
Sweet Testimonial Love
Jasmine Star Business Strategist & Photographer at JasmineStar

Her training has been a game changer!

“I invested in Theresa's training for my team and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. She deeply understands the position of supporting ambitious CEOs with big ideas. And she's a master at gently guiding them to step fully into their work with confidence.”

- Jasmine Star

Business Strategist & Photographer at JasmineStar

Theresa has great insight into being a better leader without sacrificing time.

“I loved working with Theresa to streamline and organize how my team works together. She's very skilled at finding a team's blind spots and offering simple solutions to working more efficiently.”

- Rick Mulready

Online Business Strategist at RickMulready
- Rick Mulready Online Business Strategist at RickMulready
Julia Magnusdottir Chef & Health Coach at Julia’sFood

I would highly recommend Theresa’s team trainings to every business owner that wants to take their business to the next level.

“In the past, I had struggled with finding the right person for my integrator (2nd-in-command) role. But Theresa taught me how to find someone that was best suited to my particular needs. And she guided me on getting them on board quickly and efficiently. This time, I’m confident that my integrator is a perfect fit.”

- Julia Magnusdottir

Chef & Health Coach at Julia’sFood

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