SS 120: A Trick For Taking Faster Action

SS 120 A Trick For Taking Faster Action -

 What If You Had To Report Your Daily Actions To Someone?

So many times we can find ourselves freezing up when we know we need to take action in our business. It’s called being human. 


But what if you had a simple trick that would shift you out of that paralyzing procrastination and into taking fast action? And what if this trick made you feel empowered…even with the hard stuff?


In today’s podcast, I share a very simple trick one of my 1:1 clients shared with me around approaching those scary things that we know in our gut we need to do. And I think you’ll see how you can use this trick in a variety of ways in your day-to-day life as the business owner.



In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you can get stuck
  • How you can shift your mindset in an instant
  • What and who you are really accountable to
  • Other ways to utilize this new perspective everyday
  • And SO much more…



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