SS 27: Three Biz Mistakes To Avoid Right Now

SS 27 Three Biz Mistakes To Avoid Right Now -

Making These Mistakes Will Hold You Back

I’ve definitely seen a trend in what’s working in our current market and what isn’t working.


The same roadblocks keep coming up for people – which is expected.

But HOW you think about and take action on those roadblocks makes all the difference.


In this episode, I dive into three mistakes I’ve seen business owners make when handling roadblocks and how you can avoid them.


You’ll learn:

  • Three mistakes you can avoid making when handling roadblocks
  • Why continuing your personal growth as a leader is so important right now
  • The key difference between thriving entrepreneurs and those getting stuck
  • And SO much more…


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Leadership Reboot Meditation

Living Homegrown


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