SS 26: How To Keep Moving Forward

SS 26 How To Keep Moving Forward -

Business Resiliency in Uncertain Times – Part 4

I want you to consider a shift in thinking as you look forward right now.

There are three areas coming up for entrepreneurs. And all of them center around different types of opportunities.

Now, I’m not saying we consider the current circumstances a “good” thing. But I am asking you to look for ways to tap into the good when you can.

The three areas are…

  • The opportunity to fix old problems (that we’d been putting off)
  • The opportunity to create new offers (by thinking creatively)
  • The opportunity to have more impact (for our audience)

Whenever our businesses have a down turn, it becomes really clear where the broken parts are. That’s actually a good thing as we can now finally see what’s REALLY important and what needs fixing the most.

In addition… if we keep our eyes and ears open, we will ALSO see new opportunities for our business that weren’t there before.

So, we need to be willing to explore those new ideas!

This might mean that you need to be willing to shift and pivot as we all navigate this.

The bottom line? Be okay with NOT knowing all the answers right now.

But keep moving forward anyway. 


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What’s REALLY causing your anxiety & how to address it
  • Which online businesses are doing surprisingly well right now
  • How to look for new opportunities while still supporting your audience
  • And SO much more…


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