SS 25: Where To Focus Right Now

SS 25 Where To Focus Right Now -

Business Resiliency in Uncertain Times – Part 3

Right now, you’re trying to run your business in a constantly changing economic landscape. And it can be hard to know where to focus your attention as you navigate everything.

There are so many things vying for your attention. Am I right?

Well…this is uncharted territory for ALL of us. But it helps to have a plan…even if we know we might change it.


To help you, I pulled together some of my top expert friends in the areas of finance, mindset, entrepreneurship and marketing and asked them to come on the podcast. I wanted them to share where they advise putting the most focus right now.


The good news?

We all had common themes to what we are doing right now and we are doing similar things.


I’ve pulled all their advice together for you here. I know you’ll get a least one take away that will serve you in the coming weeks.

We’re going to get through this together. You just need to know where to start and I’m here to help.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What to focus on in your business right now
  • The one thing that serves both you and your audience
  • How to keep your brain in creative mode (rather than fear)
  • Simple tips that you can do every day to stay on track
  • And SO much more…


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Mel AbrahamMel Abraham -

Mel is a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration, and Author of the #1 Bestseller, The Entrepreneur’s Solution: The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom. He’s the founder of Thoughtpreneur TM Academy & Business Breakthrough Academy where he helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build the lifestyle that they want.

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Bobby KlinckSS 08 Keeping Your Business Safe

Bobby Klinck is a Harvard law grad turned online entrepreneur who not only guides business owners on the legal side of things but also shares a no-nonsense approach to digital marketing.  He likes to make business simple for his audience. He helps you understand and set up everything an online entrepreneur needs to protect their business from legal issues.

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Lisa CorduffLisa Corduff -

Lisa is a highly sought after transformational coach, mom and entrepreneur that helps women step into their personal power and make changes in their lives and business that stick. She is also the host of the podcast Conversations With Lisa.

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Dr. Shannon IrvineDr Shannon Irvine

Dr. Shannon Irvine is an Entrepreneur, High Achievement Mentor, Host of the Epic Success Podcast, a PhD. in Neuro-Psychology and a Philanthropist. Through her courses, programs, and Epic Success Podcast, her clients learn the power of neuroachievement™ — her process for shifting how to think, act, and grow, so they can achieve anything they desire. They learn how to hardwire what they want, and delete anything that’s holding them back!

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Christina JandaliChristina Jandali -

Christina is a confidence-boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who helps online business owners create an engaged and profitable Facebook group. After becoming a millionaire in her mid 20’s (losing it and rebuilding it over again) and climbing the corporate ladder, she realized she was done with the shackles of corporate and was ready to break free to build her own dream business, not someone else’s.

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Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach
Hi, I’m Theresa Loe, and I help online CEOs set up their team and operations to be strategic, sustainable and scalable in a aligned and purposeful way so they can scale their business.

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