SS 154: Rewriting Negative Self-Talk

SS 154 Rewriting Negative Self-Talk With Andréa Michel - www.Theresa

Becoming Your Biggest Cheerleader

Is your cup half-full or half-empty?  Or did you not even realize there was a cup!


All of the little thoughts you have throughout the day about your abilities and what’s possible for you have a big influence on your everyday behavior. And if that inner dialog swings mostly negative, it will slow you down.


In this episode, I bring on my dear friend and master certified life coach, Andréa Michel, to talk about the power of self-talk. She shares what it is, how to recognize when it goes negative and what to do to turn that dialog positive. 



In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you can’t ignore your inner dialog 
  • What negative self-talk looks like
  • How it affects you and your business
  • Ways to shift your self-talk to be positive
  • And SO much more…



Andréa A. Michel:

Andréa A. Michel is a certified trauma-sensitive and stress coach for high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs.  Andréa provides a safe space for them to show up as themselves without fear of judgment so that they can heal from the hurtful things from the past. She is also the host of the Healing While Discovering Yourself podcast.

Inside her Synergy Healing Accelerator™, Andréa helps high-achievers gently heal while still being relentless in the pursuit of their goals. In addition to multiple certifications and an M.B.A., she spent 15 years in corporate accounting and finance and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in developmental psychology with an emphasis on childhood and adolescence.

As you can tell, Andréa is a high achiever herself and she understands the unique conflict between being driven to succeed and holding yourself back due to past experiences. To learn more about Andréa or to get on the waitlist for her Synergy Healing Accelerator for high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs, check out the links below!



Resources & Links Mentioned:

Waitlist for Andréa’s Synergy Healing Accelerator Program

Andréa’s website

Healing While Discovering Yourself podcast 

Follow Andréa on IG

Follow Andréa on Facebook 


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