SS 12: Handing Off Copywriting To The Team

SS 12 Handing Off Copywriting -

Get The Everyday Copywriting Off Your Plate


If you’re still writing ALL the copy for emails, newsletters, social media captions, blog posts, etc — you’re wasting hours in your day.


I get it…

You’re afraid your team can’t do it because you think you’re the only one that can get your voice and message right… and you’ve been doing it for so long it’s just faster for you to keep doing it yourself.


But the truth is…


If you stay stuck in that mindset, you’ll continue to spend time doing tasks that absolutely can be handed off to your team instead of the high-level CEO activities you should be doing.


Which is why I brought my friend Kate Dramis on the podcast to show you how team members with no copywriting experience can learn to write everyday copy in your voice.


Kate is the founder of Copy that Converts and I know her stuff works because with her help, my own team has really dialed in their ability to write in my voice. It’s totally made a difference and it’ll work for your team too.



In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your team should write the everyday copy for your business
  • How your team can learn to write in your voice
  • How to give your team clarity on your vision and message
  • The difference between benefits and features and why it matters in copy
  • How to give your team feedback on their copy
  • And SO much more…


Kate Dramis:SS 12 Copy Writing Kate Dramis

Kate helps online experts fill their launches and sell their offers with copy that converts. She’s a top industry conversion copywriter who has written for some of the biggest experts in the industry, such as James Wedmore, Mel Abraham, Coach Glitter, Liz Melville, Rachel McMichael and more. She’s helped her clients sell millions through effective copy.

She is also the founder of Copy That Converts, a group coaching program for business owners who want to craft copy that helps them achieve their biggest launch yet.

When she’s not writing or coaching on irresistible copywriting, she’s likely exploring the globe or hanging out at home in Atlanta with her three dogs and cat!


Resources & Links Mentioned:

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