SS 37: Is Your Business Messy?

SS 37 Is Your Business Messy -

Why Personal Time Audits Are So Powerful

When you started your business you were so motivated that you did everything yourself.

But now… the business has grown and you’re STILL feeling responsible for all the different pieces.


This can make you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. 

You can feel disjointed with all the projects in your head and on your plate.


These feelings are sure signs your business has messiness. 

And once you realize it, you have to clean up your workload so you can get back on track.


But where do you start?

It’s simple.

Start with a time audit.


In today’s episode, I tell you exactly how to conduct a time audit so you can determine the level of messiness you have in your business. I also walk you through the importance of assessing where you are against where you want to go. 


And if you’ve just started your business and think you don’t have any messiness, you can use these tips to get started the right way and avoid having a mess in the first place!


You’ll learn:

  • How to connect where you are to where you want to go
  • What’s a domino delegation & why you need it
  • How to use a time audit to increase productivity
  • Why the CEO’s mental energy is everything
  • And SO much more…


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