SS 10: Practicing Mindful Leadership

SS 10 Practicing Mindful Leadership -

Be Present With What’s Happening In Your Business


As leaders, we’re asked to spend a lot of time looking forward, honing our vision, setting goals and working on being our future selves. Stepping into the future is a valuable skill to have as a leader because it’s how we grow.


But what happens when we spend so much time looking into the future that we forget to evaluate what’s happening within our team and business right now?


We miss things.


At first, it could be small tasks that have slipped through the cracks because a team member needs a little more support or training. But If we miss it for long enough, a big ball will get dropped — and that’s when you or your team will start to panic.


Instead of getting caught up in the vortex of everything that’s swirling around you and fixing emergencies, there’s a better way. You can use a few simple mindfulness techniques to step outside the chaos of the day and find a different perspective.


Which why this week I show you how to step out of the vortex and intentionally be present in your business.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What mindfulness in business is
  • How to incorporate mindfulness into your leadership style
  • What you’re missing out on in your business without mindful moments
  • How to fit being mindful into your busy schedule
  • How you and your vision will benefit from a simple mindfulness routine
  • And SO much more…

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