SS 108: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

SS 108 Getting Out Of Your Own Way-

Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

We all do it. 

The trick is to catch yourself doing it.

I’m talking about arguing for your limitations.


Arguing for your limitations is when you stop at the roadblock rather than look for a solution. It’s when you say things like, “I’d really like to do this thing, BUT there is a rock in the way.”  And you stop there.


In this episode, I share why we do this and how it’s time to get out of your own way. You’ll learn some simple strategies for getting yourself unstuck so that you can keep moving forward.


You’ll learn:

  • Why people argue for their limitations
  • The clue that you’re doing it yourself
  • The simple phrase that can help you see new possibilities
  • What the roadblocks in your head are stopping you
  • And SO much more…

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