SS 02: Leading Instead of Managing Your Team

SS 02 Are You Managing Or Leading Your Team -

Three Stages Of Leadership Growth

Did you know that the stage you’re in as a leader will determine the financial potential of your business? In other words, how much money you make in your business is directly proportional to how you are operating as the CEO. 


In this episode, I talk about determining which stage of growth you’re in and give you some solid tips for stepping even more into your leadership role so that you can scale your business. 


A huge part of leading any size team is delegation. So don’t forget to download my free guide on how to delegate like a ninja! Giving your team clarity on the projects they are responsible for will streamline how you and your team get things done together.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine which stage of growth you’re in as a leader
  • Why you need to start working on a new skill set
  • The most important growth habit you need to foster as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between responsibilities & tasks
  • The secret to good delegation
  • How to coach your team into ownership
  • And SO much more…


How To Delegate Like A Ninja:

Download my free guide on how to delegate like a ninja below.


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