SS 11: When You’re Feeling Unsupported

When You Are Not Supported -

What to do when someone doesn’t believe in your goals or dreams.

As we’re about to start a new year, you’re probably looking back at the previous year and setting new goals for the upcoming year.

And chances are…You’ve got BIG plans and even BIGGER dreams that you want to accomplish going forward.


But what do you do if someone close to you makes a comment or flat out tells you…

That you shouldn’t or that you can’t reach those new goals?


What if…

You feel as if no one believes in your goals…but you.


Here’s the thing I want you to remember…


If someone is trying to push down your dreams, it has NOTHING to do with YOU!

And it has EVERYTHING to do with THEM.


All it means is that your dream scares them…for whatever reason.


Listen – Don’t let someone’s insecurities affect YOUR self-confidence!!

In this week’s episode, I walk you through ways to find the support system you need so that you will be unstoppable in 2020!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why a lack of support can be a gift
  • The two “go-to” ways to power through criticism
  • Why you don’t lower your goals for someone’s comfort
  • The ONE thing that determines your success
  • Where to find the support you need
  • And so much more…


Here’s to a new year full of possibilities and to being ruthless in reaching our goals!

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