SS 98: Is Your ESFP In The Right Seat?

SS 98 Is Your ESFP In The Right Seat -

The Myers-Briggs ESFP & Role Alignment

I’m diving into another Myers-Briggs Personality type and using it to illustrate the importance of having your team member in the right environment. Even if you don’t have an ESFP on your team, you’ll learn how a team member may flounder if they are misplaced.



You’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing to look for when hiring a new team member
  • How a team member flounders when misplaced
  • What an ESFP personality type means
  • Ways to maximize an ESFP’s potential
  • And SO much more…


Resources & Links Mentioned:

My favorite site for taking the Meyers-Briggs


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