SS 86: Myers-Briggs & Team Super Powers

SS 86 Myers-Briggs & Team Super Powers -

Do you have an INTJ on your team?

You’ve probably heard of personality testing. But what are the pros and cons of taking a test? How can a team use testing to improve things like communication and problem-solving?


There are lots of personality tests out there. But this week, I dive into the Myers-Briggs test, what the letters mean and how teams can use it to find their superpowers. To illustrate the nuances, I focus on just one of the 16 personality types: The INTJ.



You’ll learn:

  • How the Myers-Briggs test works
  • Different ways this test is used
  • What interferes with the accuracy of personality testing
  • What roles INTJs are great at
  • The REAL reason introverts are quiet
  • And SO much more…

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

My favorite site for taking the Meyers-Briggs



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