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SS 68: Irresistible Offers & Your Growth

Latest Podcast Episode: SS 68: Irresistible Offers & Your Growth

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7 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Productive Day

Chances are, you have way too many things on your “to-do” list. Am I right?

I’ve spent years studying productivity. And one thing I know for sure…It’s NOT about doing more in less time. Which means…that LONG to-do list is probably not going to get completed.

Let me tell you a secret…

The trick to being productive is pre-planning and having the RIGHT things on your to-do list.

I know, that’s not sexy. But it works.

Here’s a few of my pro tips for being productive in your business. They work for me and they work for my coaching clients. I’m sure you’ll find that they work for you too!

1. The night before, pick the top three items on your to-do list that you need to accomplish the next day: If you’re working on a goal, pick something that would move you towards your goal. If you have a special project you’re working on, pick something that would take you one step closer on your project. We can more easily pick these at night when we are clear-headed and can see what we didn’t get done that day.

2. The night before, clear your workspace: Come to the table or your desk in the morning with a clear workspace so that your mind is not cluttered.

3. The night before, choose the number one item (from the three items on your to-do list) that you want to get done and prepare to do that thing: You should be doing your most important things first thing in the morning. Set out what you will need for whatever that is. If it is a big project that you’re working on, don’t put the whole project down as your number one. It could be a baby step towards that project. When we are ready for it in advance there is nothing to distract so we can be laser-focused on getting the most important task done first.

4. Do NOT check your email or social media when you come to your desk in the morning: It is too easy to get sucked in. If you open up your email or have your social media tabs open, you think you are just going to look in for a second and the next thing you know hours have gone by and you have not done your number one task. There will be a lot of items of other people wanting your time and it is so easy to get distracted. Have everything closed and don’t look at anything until your number one task is finished.  

5. Have a morning routine: Every successful entrepreneur has a morning routine that sets them up for success for the day. It could be drinking a huge glass of water to stay hydrated, meditation, yoga, prayer, and/or exercise. It is meant to get you mentally focused, in the zone, and set your intention for the day.

6. Tackle the number one item and check it off your list: We tend to overestimate what we can do in an entire day and underestimate the baby steps. Try to work in a 30 to one-hour increments. Part of doing your first item may be just setting aside a block of time. Then, if you want, you can get some other things done and come back to it.

7. Be committed to doing the other two items on your list: When you finish your first item of the day, if you have not already looked at your day and your timing, make sure you can fit item two and three into your day somewhere. At this point, physically write them into your calendar.

Not sure you can do ALL 7 tips?  Just pick one!  And let me know if it works for you.

Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach
Hi, I’m Theresa Loe, and I help online CEOs set up their team and operations to be strategic, sustainable and scalable in a aligned and purposeful way so they can scale their business.

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