SS 07: Tapping Into Your Intuition

SS 07 Tapping Into Your Business Intuition -

Learning to use instinct with strategy

Here’s the thing…I teach my students tons of strategy, tools and frameworks for running their business everyday. But there are times when it’s hard to just rely on logic and strategy.

Yes, sometimes we need to ALSO use instinct, intuition or “our gut” to make a decision.


But for a long time, learning to trust my gut had been a struggle because I’m such a logic girl!

Today, I’m much better at not only listening to my inner voice, but also knowing when to use it. But it was a process and we all have to start at the beginning.


So to help you learn more about tapping into our intuition, I brought on my friend Emily Aarons.


Emily and I met many years ago and became fast friends. And I believe this is because we could not be more opposite!

As much as I’m all about logic and strategy, Emily is all about intuition and instinct.

And honestly… in business, you absolutely need a little of both!

So, join us in this conversation on what it means to add intuition to our business tool belt!


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s okay to use both logic and intuition at the same time
  • How to allow for intuition when hiring team members
  • What it means to be “present” in your life
  • Simple ways to start listening for that inner voice
  • And more…


Emily Aarons:

Emily is an intuitive healer and clarity coach. She helps entrepreneurs have a spiritual approach to their business. Through intuitive, strategic, and energetic work, she helps clients release blocks, unlock their intuition and manifest the life and business of their dreams.

Emily has taken her abilities as a healer and combined them with her love of business to both mentor and teach lightworkers and healers how to run a powerfully profitable business. Her work includes guided meditations, a flourishing online community, self-paced online classes, in-person events, 1:1 sessions and her exclusive 12-month mentorship.


Resources & Links Mentioned

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