SS 112: Organizing Your Thoughts As CEO

SS 112 Organizing Your Thoughts As CEO -

Don’t Lose Those Million Dollar Ideas

Getting new ideas is easy. They pop into our heads all day long. The hard part is developing those ideas and executing on them.


The mistake most people make is trying to develop and organize their ideas in their heads. That rarely works.


In today’s episode, I share how to capture all of your ideas and thoughts so that you can organize, prioritize and execute on the best ones.



You’ll learn:

  • That you need to organize your thoughts to scale
  • Why your brain isn’t the best place to store and process your ideas
  • What a brain dump is and why it’s my preferred method
  • Other ways to capture, organize and prioritize ideas so you can take action
  • And SO much more…



Resources & Links Mentioned:

Mind Meister

Miro Board

Get A Handle On Your Time


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