SS 84: When Your Business Keeps You Up At Night

SS 84 When Your Business Keeps You Up At Night -

How To Prioritize Your Sleep & Have More Focus

The statistics for our sleep patterns are not good. In fact, at any given time, 68% of all Americans report having serious trouble sleeping in the last 7 days. It’s a chronic problem.


Here’s the truth:


Your level of sleep has a massive impact on your daily performance and your health. It can be the difference between a focused, productive day OR a frantic, slog of a day that drags on forever with no downtime.


In other words…Sleep can affect our quality of life AND our bottom line in business.


In this week’s episode, I explain how you can determine your current state of nightly sleep. And I share practical, actionable advice for improving the quantity AND the quality of your sleep so that you can be a better business owner, leader, and happier person.



You’ll learn:

  • Why sleep is so important for CEOs
  • How to know if you’re getting good sleep or not
  • What you can do to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Which sleep apps to consider and why
  • What a sleep score is and why should you care
  • And SO much more…


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Oura Ring

Autosleep App

Sleep++ App

Pillow App

Headspace App




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