SS 178: Encore – Creating A Self-Managed Team

SS 178 Encore - Creating A Self-Managed Team - www.Theresa

You want to MENTOR (not manage) your team


If you are managing your team, then you’re doing this whole leadership thing incorrectly.


You don’t want to “manage”.

You want to LEAD.

And that means you concentrate on mentoring them to greatness and get them to manage themselves.


If you currently find yourself spending all of your days trying to oversee all the tasks that your team is doing…


Or if you catch yourself worrying if the team is executing on the projects….


Then this episode is for you!



You’ll learn:

  • Why “managing the team” is bad advice
  • What you should be doing instead
  • The 3 things you need to have a self-managed team
  • How your team will gain confidence
  • Your #1 job as the leader of the team
  • And so much more




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