Getting the Right People On Your Team

Getting the Right People On Your Team

How To Get The Right Helpers In The Right Seats Of Your Biz 

Many of my own students and coaching clients get stuck when trying to hire help for their business.

They are online digital CEO’s that have very successful courses, memberships, or coaching practices and yet…

They’re still trying to do WAY too much all by themselves.

They know that they need to bring in help.

They have even tried to hire different people.

But…they just keep getting frustrated with not finding the right person. 

Finding the right person for your team is actually a really a big topic. But let me give you two important tips that should help you get started!

Both Sides of the Fence

As you may know, I was the co-executive producer for one of the top gardening series on PBS for nine years. Doing this job meant that I learned ninja skills for project managing complicated productions and an entire film crew.

When I started my own business, I had to step away from being a “manager” and into the CEO-Visionary role of my company. And that meant that I had to build my own team who could do the project managing for me.

The point is that I’ve had feet on both sides of the fence. 

I’ve been the Chief Project Manager (or “Integrator”) and I’ve been the CEO (or “Visionary”).

I understand both roles very well and they take VERY different skill sets.

Think of your Team Like a Good Marriage 

First, you need to realize that no matter who you bring in to help you, they will be there to balance you. You need to think of the relationship as a marriage.

Yes, that may sound weird – but it’s true.

You need to find the person who fills in the gaps for you – just like a spouse can do. And you need to build a working relationship with them that is built on trust – just like a marriage.

You’re going to have different personalities meshing together on your team. So the first thing I recommend for people to do is assess themselves and learn what type of personality they have. 

We know YOU’RE on the team, right?  So we need to start with YOU.

What type of personality do you have?

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