SS 136: Boost Productivity By Keeping Your Word

SS 136 Boost Productivity By Keeping Your Word -

Self-Integrity Can Be Your Superpower

Most people think they have integrity. They feel they’re honest and they keep their word to others. But when it comes to productivity and reaching your goals, how much integrity do you have with yourself? 


You see, self-integrity is really THE superpower in terms of getting the things done that you say you want done. And unless you intentionally work on it…you might be putting yourself and your real ambitions last.


In this week’s episode, I share why we skip out on keeping our word to ourselves and what we can do about it. Making this tiny shift can have a big impact on the goals you set and achieve in the coming year.



In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why circumstances shouldn’t decide your effort
  • How to judge the pros & cons of doing
  • The key that Olympic athletes use to achieve
  • A clue to what may be underneath procrastination
  • And SO much more…



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