SS 14: Staying Healthy While Growing A Business

SS 14 Stay Healthy While Growing Your Business -

How to Focus on Your Health AND Your Business…at the same time

Don’t put your health on the back burner just because you’re hyper-focused on growing your business. Doing that will have a negative affect on your business!


Instead…I want you to think of your health as an investment toward your business growth.


Listen… if you’re letting your normal health habits fall by the wayside because you’re working too hard, you’re not going to feel like your best self. And THAT means you won’t be able to show up as you should.


Your health needs to be a priority so you can continue being awesome in your business.

In this week’s episode, I brought on lifestyle & wellness coach Tracy Campoli to discuss how you can stay healthy while growing your business. And no…It does NOT involve endless boring workouts.


She makes staying active FUN because it’s her jam.

But here’s the thing I want you to remember…

Without your health, all the effort you invest in your business doesn’t matter.


So let’s get moving!


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake that business owners make when it comes to health
  • The hard truth about having no time to work out
  • Simple ways to get movement back into your office time
  • The mindset shift you need in order to stay on track
  • How to keep your focus – even when traveling
  • The most important questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to stay healthy as a business owner
  • And SO much more…


Tracy Campoli:

Tracy Campoli

Tracy Campoli is a lifestyle and wellness coach that helps women lose weight, get fit and create bodies and lives they love without dumb diets or endless boring workouts.


In 2010 after feeling stuck in the gym and studio and wanting to make a bigger impact, she put her first video up on YouTube. She’s now had over 20 million views and has over 150,000 subscribers to her channel.


Tracy is the creator of her fitness membership Total Body Transformation which helps women get fit in just 30 minutes a day from their living rooms! She’s also created Your Hottest Body Ever, the three-step system to create diet-free weight loss without calorie counting or macro tracking. (woo-hoo!)


She is currently “livin la vida loca” in Miami with her husband and baby girl.


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Work With Tracy (at a special rate for listeners!)

Tracy’s YouTube Channel

Tracy’s Instagram

Tracy’s Website



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