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For Coaches, Course-Creators, Service-Providers & Creatives

Learn to be massively strategic with your time.

In this mini-course, you'll learn how to shave hours off your workweek and days off your you can breathe again!

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It's time to stop overworking!

  • You have a mile-long to-do list that never gets done
  • You're sacrificing your free time, weekends, and even yourself for the sake of the business
  • You're always "busy" without feeling very accomplished
  • You're hitting a revenue plateau because there are no more hours to give

I get it! This is exhausting!

Let's Get Your Time Back!

You need:

  • A simple process for prioritizing your days and weeks so you can shave hours off your workweek.
  • A laser-focused strategy to do more of the needle-moving activities in your business.
  • To become Massively Strategic With Your Time so you can work LESS while making MORE

You've probably been trying to fit your life into your business...

It's time to make your business fit the lifestyle you want!

It starts with getting a better handle on your time.


  • Sitting down to your desk each day confidently knowing you have the time and space to work on the most important stuff

  • Having a solid system for prioritizing what really should be done by you & what needs to be deleted or handed off to others

  • No longer worrying that you'll forget something important because it's all captured!

  • Closing your laptop at the end of the day and truly stepping away to enjoy your free time, weekends, and even vacations... worry-free

In order to have a different work need to do things differently.

I can show you how!

I'm have a FREE, Live Time Mastery Course

Specifically for the overworked small-business owner who wants to stop the overwhelm

You'll Learn The Skill Of Being Massively Strategic With Your Time so you can work LESS while making MORE

This Time Mastery Course will be released on June 17th.

(This is NOT a "masterclass" webinar disguised as a workshop. This is a get-your-time-back COURSE)

The Time Mastery Mini-Course

This mini-course is specifically for the overworked small-business owner wanting to stop the overwhelm.

I'll teach you how to be massively strategic with your time so that you can work less while making more.

This is a NO-FLUFF, dig-in course. (You don't have TIME for fluff!)

Normally, I charge for this training - But I've noticed that people are struggling to get back on track right now and I want to help. So, it's FREE for a limited time.

You'll learn strategies that allow you to stop sacrificing yourself for the sake of the business.

And you'll learn what to do going forward to increase the effectiveness of the time you now have.

What Others Are Saying After Working With Theresa...

Theresa deeply understands!

"Theresa deeply understands the position of supporting ambitious CEOs with big ideas. And she's a master at gently guiding them to step fully into their work with confidence."

Jasmine Star

Helped me see the value of my time as CEO!

“Theresa helped me see the value of my time as CEO. She helped me focus on the most important next steps in growing my business and not be distracted."

Christina Edwards

What You Get Inside The FREE Time Mastery Mini-Course:

  • A no-fluff mini-course where you'll become more effective with the way you use your CEO time
  • A Time Mastery workbook to help you plan your days and weeks.
  • The methodology successful CEOs use to prioritize their day-to-day activities
  • The 4 - D's process of evaluating and shaving hours off your workweek
  • The confidence that the most important (needle-moving) tasks are getting done
  • Your time freedom back because you are no longer sacrificing yourself

NOW, I move faster and take action!

"After almost 15 years in business, I would still routinely ask myself, 'What am I even doing??'

But NOW, I move forward faster and take action! "

Beth Whitworth

Theresa helped me see that less is MORE!

Theresa helped me see that less is MORE when evaluating...And that has allowed me to work more ON my business rather than with spending so much time IN it."

Joe Lamp'l

Hey there! I'm Theresa Loe - A Leadership & Performance Coach for small-business owners and their teams.

I help CEOs streamline their workload and operations so that they scale with ease.

I honed my leadership, management, and operational skills as the Co-Executive Television Producer for the top organic gardening series on PBS, As you can imagine...TV crews must run like a well-oiled machine and I ran those crews for nine years.

When I transitioned to the online space and started a coaching practice over five years ago, I immediately noticed the struggle my clients had with time and overwhelm. Their focus had been on starting the business. But now they didn't have the TIME to declutter and streamline the chaos behind the scenes. So...they were overworking!

Today, I work with the owners of some of the top digital brands in the industry by helping them streamline.

What I know for sure is this: The first step to becoming a successful CEO is to master your entrepreneurial time. Otherwise, you can't grow or scale and you burn out. Let's get your time back!