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SS 31: Making Room For Success

Latest Podcast Episode: SS 31: Making Room For Success

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Is building a team right for your business?

SS 05: Shifting Priorities, Fatherhood & Entrepreneurship

SS 05 Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship -

What’s Most Important In Your Business & Life?

In this episode we’re going to cover a topic I don’t see covered very often, fatherhood and entrepreneurship.

Now, if you’re not a parent don’t tune out!

This episode is still extremely valuable because what we’re really diving into is what it looks like to shift or pivot your priorities in your business.


Shifting your priorities can be triggered by a life-changing event like becoming a parent, but it can be from you wanting to do something different, or bigger. I personally have had some major pivots in my own business and I can say having come out the other side of those pivots, it was more painful to stay stuck in indecision about what to do with my business than it was to actually make a decision and take the leap.


My guest today is my good friend Rick Mulready. You may know him as the Facebook and Instagram ads guy. But as you’ll hear in today’s episode, Rick has recently shifted his branding to speak more to what he’s actually been doing all along – business coaching for online experts.

The birth of his daughter really helped him define what he truly wanted in his business and it was not what he expected, but he’s welcomed the pivot and continues to make changes that fit his new priorities.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you don’t have to have a big team
  • That you have permission to create what feels right to you
  • How it’s good to trust your gut when making decisions
  • Nothing is in stone – you can change your mind
  • A simple end-of-day routine for turning “off” work
  • And SO much more…


Rick Mulready:

Rick Mulready HeadshotRick Mulready is an online business coach that has the not so secret superpower of Facebook and Instagram ads. He is a one-stop-shop for growing an online business because not only do you get the Facebook and Instagram ads expertise, but you get his online coaching and business growth knowledge as well.

You can learn more about Rick’s coaching programs on his website and by listening to his podcast, “The Art Of Online Business” podcast.


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