How to have a Self-Managed Team so that you can have your time back

Finally TRUST that what you pass off to your team is done well and on time.

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Yes, it's possible to make MORE while working LESS!

Imagine what it will feel like when you are . . .


No longer stuck in the day-to-day operations or buried in never-ending to-do lists. You can finally enjoy more time-freedom and work-free weekends. (For real!)


100% confident that you have the right people in the right seats doing the right things. You can TRUST your team to execute & deliver on what you hand them.


Finally spending time on the big passion projects that light you up and you're seeing a bigger impact on your customers. You're actually working less while making more.

Hi I'm Theresa Loe

a leadership, performance and team-building coach for overworked business owners looking to FINALLY get their time back.

I coach, consult, and train people on streamlining their business and building self-managed teams so that they can scale with ease.

Yes, it's 100% possible and I can show you how!

What People Are Saying

"I invested in Theresa's training for my team and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. She deeply understands the position of supporting ambitious CEOs with big ideas. And she's a master at gently guiding them to step fully into their work with confidence."

- Jasmine Star, Business Strategist & Photographer

"Because of my work with Theresa…. I was able to take a three-week completely UNPLUGGED vacation! This never would have happened had it not been for Theresa’s guidance on how to set up and run a team properly."

- Katie Elzer-Peters, Service-Based Business/Agency

"My work with Theresa included working on ME as the CEO. I’m now a more effective leader and my team is thriving! I dialed in my team's roles, communication and how each team member owns their role without me micro-managing. I'm so thankful for Theresa's guidance."

- Britt Seva, Membership Owner & Mentor

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