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SS 74: Creating The Business Lifestyle You Want

Latest Podcast Episode: SS 74: Creating The Business Lifestyle You Want

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SS 38: Unleash Your Super Power

SS 38 Unleash Your Super Power -

Your Super Power is What Makes You Uniquely YOU


We already know that how we show up in business and in life makes all the difference to our results. But sometimes…There’s a massive gap between who we WANT to be and who we feel like we ARE on the inside.


That gap causes a lot of self-doubt and can make us move slowly instead of stepping up when we need to.


Luckily, there are tricks to bridging that massive gap we feel. And in today’s episode, my friend Erin Sanderson shares hers.


You’re going to love Erin!

You see, Erin spent years as a professional, touring musician.

And then, she went on to create a very successful online business centered around her bold, authentic brand of being a Fit Rocker Chick.


Her trick?

Creating an alter ego that you pull out and use to transform yourself.


Now just to be clear…This alter ego IS the real you.

But… it’s the bolder, bigger you. The one you keep hidden to feel safe.


The cool part is that having an alter ego can help you create a more true, authentic brand.

And it will help you step up when you feel like playing small.


Listen as Erin shares how fun and easy it is to grow yourself and your brand at the same time!


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What an alter ego is and why you want one
  • How you can find your true style and branding
  • Why your quirks are your best assets
  • How to “suit up” when you don’t feel like stepping up
  • And SO much more…

Erin Mullins Sanderson:Erin Anderson -

Erin is a small-town girl from the prairies of South Dakota that found her strength in music and its ability to transform her life. At the age of 18 she moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams and became a successful musician. She’s toured with Evanescence, Halestorm, and Candlebox.

After retiring from her rock and roll lifestyle, she started an all-natural skincare line “SKIN” and her own clothing line. Closest to her heart though is her online girl gang called “She’s A Rock Chick”. It’s a community of women from all walks of life that come together to support and inspire one another. Erin’s goal is to help women find confidence, follow their dreams, and take center stage in their own lives.


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Erin’s website – Where rock n’ roll and wellness collide

Erin’s Instagram

Skin – Her skincare line

Sister xErin – Her new clothing line is coming soon!


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