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SS 31: Making Room For Success

Latest Podcast Episode: SS 31: Making Room For Success

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Is building a team right for your business?

SS 04: How To Build A Team Of Leaders

SS 04 How To Build A Team Of Leaders -

Creating The Environment For Team Growth 

In this episode, we’re going to cover what it means to allow your team members to step into leadership within the team.


If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I teach people how to grow stellar self-managed teams inside their businesses. To do that you must first have the “right” people in the door and on the team. But then, you have to give them the proper environment for growth.


To show you what’s possible and to give you some insight into what leadership feels like from within a solid team, I brought on Josh Cedeno, the Director of Customer Success for the James Wedmore Brand. Listen in as we pull back the curtain on stepping into leadership from the ground up.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

    • What leadership within a team can look like
    • Why you don’t want to be a “helicopter” CEO
    • How “letting go” is the most important piece
    • Why failure is REALLY an opportunity you weren’t expecting
    • And SO much more…


Josh Cedeno:

Josh CedenoJosh Cedeno is the Director of Customer Success for James Wedmore and he lives and plays in Laguna Beach, CA.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Cal State University of Fullerton, Josh became experienced with multiple jobs in hospitality, customer service, and event planning industries. He truly thrives off being the catalyst for others’ happiness and gratitude.

Thanks to the amazing people Josh has been surrounded by over the last few years at Wedmore HQ, he’s accomplished things personally and professionally that he never thought possible. 2018 was an undoubtedly breakthrough year for Josh – he celebrated his first couple marriage anniversaries with the love of his life, overcame chronic ankle and back pain of 10 years,established himself at his dream job, and has gained an entirely new awareness of how to look at life (Thank you universe, more please!).


Aside from Josh’s zeal for career and community, he spends his time within deep-seated friendships, playing basketball weekly, marathon training in the dirt trails of Laguna Canyon, enjoying the movie theater experience (yes, he even goes by himself sometimes!), traveling the world with his wife, Jilly, and cuddling up to their adorable kitten, Mamba.


Start Building Your Own Team:

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