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SS 68: Irresistible Offers & Your Growth

Latest Podcast Episode: SS 68: Irresistible Offers & Your Growth

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Is building a team right for your business?

3 Tips for Selling

3 Tips for Selling

If you’ve never sold anything online before, you might start to worry that you’ll come off as a sleazy salesman or pushy or….fill-in-the-blank.

But let me ask you…

Are you sleazy or pushy now?


Then you won’t be those things when you create your first product and launch it to the world. I teach my students to be REAL.  And if you do that, you’re golden!

3 Things to Keep in Mind

1. People do NOT value “FREE”

If you are a blogger or writer, you probably spend a lot of time creating “free” content. But there’s something important to keep in mind…

People value information more if they have to pay for it.

Don’t get me wrong…We absolutely should be giving free content and helping people who maybe can’t afford our services. (This blog post is free, my podcast is free, etc)

BUT… when you dive deeper with people, it is perfectly alright to put a price tag on your help. Your help is valuable. But you must value it enough to charge for it.

2. You Have An Obligation To Share Your Message

I believe that if you have a solution that can help people, you’re doing a disservice by not sharing it.

Listen…You have something really valuable to offer to the world and you are obligated to put it out in there so you can help! By offering that as a paid service you are helping that person because they’re investing in themselves.

Why do I say that?

Because when people put money on the table, they’re more likely to follow through on the work they need to do. In other words, they have skin in the game.

3. If You’re Genuine, People Will Feel It

No one wants to be a “used car salesman” when they’re putting their digital products on the market. Don’t worry…you won’t be.

Just be genuine and authentic. In other words… be yourself.

It’s perfectly okay to let people know that you have a product for sale and if they’re interested, it is available to them.

You’re a heart-centered person or you wouldn’t be following me. You want to help people with a product that you create. And that will come through if just BE yourself.

Dream BIG!

Theresa Loe: Leadership & Team Building Coach
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